Unleashing American Energy

 The Problem: In 2020, when fuel prices were at record lows, the United States was a net exporter of energy. During his presidential campaign, Biden promised to wage war on domestic energy production and to embrace radical green energy policies. He has kept that promise by repealing the Keystone pipeline, pausing domestic oil and gas leases, and creating regulatory barriers that prevent investment in domestic energy production. As a result of these liberal policies, gas prices began to rise. Russia’s war in Ukraine only exacerbated the existing energy crisis, with gas prices reaching an all-time high under one-party rule in Washington. Prices have increased 81% since President Biden took office, with experts predicting that each American household will spend an average of $2,000 more dollars on gas this year. The high price of gas hurts Americans who can least afford it, seniors and those living on a fixed income.

The solution to this problem lies beneath our feet, however, instead of flipping the switch and jump starting domestic energy production, President Biden has proposed dumping more money into green alternatives and buying oil from unstable regimes around the globe. The greatest nation on the face of the earth should never have to rely on Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran, Russia or any other hostile nation to meet its energy needs. We can unleash American energy, create American jobs, and lower prices at the pump by implementing the pro-growth, common sense policies of the previous administration. President Biden has also engaged in a dangerous political stunt to release oil from our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The SPR is projected to drop to its lowest level in almost 40 years. This short-sighted attempt to cover up failed Democrat policies is nothing more than a political stunt that makes our country less secure.

What Bilirakis Has Done

In addition to speaking on the House Floor, on national and local news outlets, and publishing editorials on this topic, Gus Bilirakis has co-sponsored the American Energy Independence from Russia Act. The bill would unleash American energy independence by reversing the negative energy policies President Biden has made. He has also co-authored three bills to help support the development of energy technologies that show promise for meeting the nation’s long-term needs, including: The Hydrogen for Trucks Act, the Hydrogen for Ports Act and the Small-Scale LNG Access Act.

We all care about our environment; however, Gus Bilirakis understands that achieving arbitrary goals at the expense of American consumers and businesses is the wrong approach. He understands that the biggest polluters in the world, China and India, continue to worsen the problem. And, he rejects the false narrative put forth by radical Democrats who favor spending an obscene amount of taxpayer dollars to prop up their preferred green energy sectors without concern for the impact their actions have on the economy.

Gus Bilirakis embraces an “all of the above” energy strategy and fully supports the development of cleaner sources of fuel. However, he understands that America cannot realistically transition to these emerging technologies overnight. He believes we must protect consumers as we embrace long-term strategies that allow America to continue as the world’s leader in carbon emission reduction while keeping energy costs low.

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