Rebuilding our Economy

The Situation: Inflation is at its highest level in more than 40 years and is estimated to cost each American household an extra $8,500 on basic goods and services in 2023.  Reckless government spending fuels inflation. While House Republicans have thwarted Democrats’ plans for new spending, all Americans are still feeling the pain from the massive spending plans that were passed in the first two years of Biden’s presidency when Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House.

While this record high inflation is ravaging the economy, Democrats’ only solution is to spend more money and to try to deflect blame. President Biden has tried blaming COVID and the Russian War, but the truth is that inflation has risen each month he has been in office. Also, there is a recent analysis showing that the US has been impacted more severely by inflation than other countries. The American people are not buying these excuses and will hold the President and Democrats responsible for the crisis they have created.

What Bilirakis Has Done

  • Voted for a 1% automatic across the board cut in all discretionary spending if the House and Senate do not pass all 12 budget bills by January 1st.
    Voted against continued funding for war in Ukraine.
  • Supported $2 trillion in cuts to federal spending while preserving Social Security, Medicare and benefits for benefits (Fiscal Responsibility Act).
  • Voted against the American Rescue Plan
  • Voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure package
  • Voted against both FY Appropriations Packages
  • Spoken on House Floor, local and national news programs and authored editorials urging his colleagues to rein in spending
  • Co-sponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment requirement that would force Congress to live within its means

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