Stopping WOKE Indoctrination 

The Situation: Woke liberal extremists have infected the entire Democratic party, forcing its leadership to pay more attention to the fringes of their base than about governing and protecting Americans. They have doubled down on cancel culture wars- pushing radical and divisive views about race, gender, and class warfare. They want to control all aspects of Americans’ lives and keep people dependent on government because they know it is their only hope to cling to power.

As if it is not bad enough that these leftists have the power of mainstream media amplifying their divisive rhetoric and distorted view of the world, they have made a concerted and coordinated effort to indoctrinate our children with these beliefs.

For example, liberals have pushed Critical Race Theory in the classroom, and have waged war against parental involvement in schools. There is evidence that the Biden Administration attempted to engage the Department of Justice to use force against parents who voice concerns at school board meetings. In many parts of the country, they kept classrooms closed and when students did return, they forced them to wear masks. These are obscene examples of authoritarian government overreach, and they must be stopped!

Bilirakis Actions:

Gus Bilirakis has also taken a strong stance in support of parents and against the woke left.

  • He authored legislation with Kat Cammack to require parental consent prior to a minor being vaccinated.
  • Continued to block federal funding for the indoctrination of college students, advancement of Green New Deal policies, gender reassignment surgeries, critical race theory, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies, and travel for abortions throughout federal agencies.
  • Supported legislation to prevent the Biden Administration from limiting consumer choices and  
  • As a member of the Congressional Campus Free Speech Caucus, he co-sponsored H.R. 4007, the Campus Free Speech Restoration Act, which will help ensure that the First Amendment is protected on all university campuses.
  • He and a group of his colleagues demanded answers from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in response to its directing federal law enforcement resources to be used in response to concerned parents confronting school board members and school administration officials over consideration and implementation of Critical Race Theory and related curricula in public schools. Their action forced the DOJ to rescind its guidance.

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