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How Much Should We Trust Iran?

The short answer is, we should not trust Iran at all.

The Iran “deal,” championed by President Obama and poorly negotiated by Secretary of State Kerry, has now passed its first anniversary and it gives us a chance to consider all that has changed.

Is Iran still openly hostile to Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East? Yes.

Does Iran still make provocative gestures, such as test-firing ballistic missiles?  Yes.

Is Iran continuing and strengthening its friendly relations with Russia—a partnership based on Russia’s involvement in a nuclear Iran?  Yes.

Therefore, should we trust what Iran says about its intentions, its actions, its position on terrorism, or anything else?  Should we trust Iran at all?  No.

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Let Us Honor the First Responders in Our Local Communities

It takes a special kind of person to be a first responder.

Not just a person with a lot of training—although that also is true.

Being a first responder means you are courageous, level-headed, even-tempered and prepared.

How many of us could do what a police officer, firefighter or emergency medial technician does every day? Answer honestly.

Go into a store at night when the burglar alarm goes off? Run upstairs in a burning building? Treat accident victims right after a bad automobile accident?

I respect and appreciate the people who are brave enough to put on the uniform and go to work protecting us each and every day.


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Senate Democrats Derail Zika Funding

My House colleagues and I passed a bill at the end of June to fund the fight against the Zika virus.

But, not surprisingly, Senate Democrats would rather play politics instead of utilizing millions in unspent Ebola funding that could be used to protect Americans NOW!

Let’s put the politics aside and act in the interests of the health of our fellow citizens.  

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