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Bilirakis Statement on Year-End Legislative Package

December 24, 2015 | NEWS RELEASE

Last week, the House advanced H.R. 2029, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act. This legislation makes permanent over 20 tax relief provisions and extends a number of other tax relief provisions that expired in 2014.

“This legislation delivers certainty to taxpayers in my district and across the country,” said Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R-FL). “This bill prevents tax increases which would have been harmful to our economy and will help strengthen the integrity of tax credit programs to prevent fraud and abuse. This bill is a win for taxpayers.”

The House also advanced a funding bill that will strengthen national security, rein in EPA spending and overreach, protect the unborn, help our Veterans, provide relief to first responders, and prevent increased tax burdens on hardworking Americans.

“While this legislation is not perfect, it works to address some of the biggest concerns facing our nation right now,” said Congressman Bilirakis. “When it comes to our national security, there is no time to waste. This bill strengthens our efforts to protect our nation both here and abroad by tightening the Visa Waiver program and funding our men and women in the military. As I’ve said before, if we are not safe, nothing else matters.”

This legislation will:

  • strengthen national security by tightening requirements under our visa waiver program
  • increase funds so that our troops have the resources they need to confront our enemies
  • address issues at the VA such as system backlogs and outdated record keeping processes
  • help our nation’s first responders by reauthorizing the World Trade Center Health Fund to help those who fell ill while bravely working to save others during the horrible 9/11 attacks
  • prevent a taxpayer bailout for insurance companies by Obamacare’s risk corridors program and reduces Obamacare tax burdens on hardworking Americans
  • help patients and families who are struggling with disease and illness by providing additional funding for research efforts, including increased money for Alzheimer’s research
  • build on our values of family and life with new provisions to protect the unborn, while keeping existing protections
  • allow for more research to address mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, etc.


“We owe it to these first responders, our Veterans, patients, and families to bring about these necessary reforms and help our nation thrive,” Bilirakis added.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families, and the extraordinary first responders involved in the San Bernardino shooting.

Time and time again, America has shown that we’re home to the most resilient people of the world. Let God continue to watch over this great nation.

Posted by Gus Bilirakis for Congress on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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